The first united Eurasian Congress for Psychotherapy, Russia, Moscow, 2013


Video gallery

Psychotherapeutic ball in Saint-Petersburg

May Black Sea Ten-day campaign of professional consultation and psychotherapy in Anapa «Return to the pioneer past»

Welcome to Moscow!
Please watch this short movie made by discovery channel about Moscow today.
The city will be presented to you by Ksenia Makarova, our junior psychologist and one of the organizers of the students conference at the first Eurasian congress for psychotherapy.

Decadnik on psychotherapy and counseling In Kazakhstan
«All the Stars To Be Our Guests», 2012


4th Pan Asian Congress of the Asian Federation for Psychotherapy. Russia, Jekaterinburg 18-20 of May 2007.

10th European Congress of the European Association for Psychotherapy „Psychotherapy of the West — Psychotherapy of the East“, 2001, Moscow, Russia

The 2nd World Congress for Psychotherapy, Vienna, 1999

The 1000 and 1 day of decadnik — the legendary Russian form of an intensive immersion into the world of psychotherapy

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